GLOW - Radiant Skin Blemish Blend


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GLOW -  Radiant Skin Blemish Blend
GLOW -  Radiant Skin Blemish Blend

This luminous antibacterial skin oil blend can be used as a chemical-free skin spot corrector or can be use all over face and body to nourish and soothe skin. It’s full of anti-aging properties that helps clear skin and fade scarring with only natural plant-based ingredients. This enriching botanical oil blend helps reduce breakouts, scarring, minimizes blemishes and supports your skin so that it can be free to GLOW. 

For all skin types. Non-Greasy and lightweight formula. Can be used under makeup. 

Blend of: sandalwood, rose, juniper berry, helichrysum, geranium, frankincense, and myrrh essential oils infused in grapeseed oil and jojoba oil 

 *Made with only pure and organic ingredients 

10ml glass roller bottle. For topical use only.

Roll onto clean skin morning and night. Massage in for a few seconds. Roll onto blemishes as needed. Allow oil to absorb for 1-3 minutes before applying makeup. 

Store at room temperature. Keep bottle away from heat and direct sunlight.